How To Maintenance Of Wooden Doors

Maintenance of wooden doors

The doors are the calling card of our home. Therefore, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to look in perfect condition. However, if certain guidelines are observed, maintaining wood doors is not complicated.

Clean the doors is a task that most of the time is set aside, it is a work that is planned or not incorporated routinely into more routine cleaning home. However, it is quite important since the doors accumulate dirt, dust and stains difficult in many cases.

The good news is that there is a very delicate and special cleaning, but may be performed in a simple way, given some tips:

– Depending on the type of wood finish and they are made of doors, they need some care or other, but in general are usually not too complex.

– Do not go crazy buying products in supermarkets, in many cases, home remedies work better or more commodities.

– The first is to remove all dust from the surface with a soft cloth or feather duster directly, if you have too much accumulated dirt.

– It is important not to forget to clean the upper and lower parts of the door frame. The door should be clean everywhere and in all its dimensions.

– If the door is painted, you have to clean it with a soft cloth moistened with oil-based soap. For best results, always clean in the direction of the wood grain.

– To complete the cleaning, take another clean, dry cloth, and pass it again to remove debris that might have been.

Within the cleaning tips wood doors, interior and exterior, home deserve special mention handlebar or handles thereof.

– Should be cleaned with a cloth and multipurpose product. We can also use a special product for brass, in case they are of this material.

– Get to apply an antibacterial product to disinfect, since being in continuous contact with contaminated hands more than any other household item.

Maintenance of wooden doors is a simple housework, very important both for aesthetics as home health, like choosing the best home insurance can do it the best and most practical, facilitating your phone for one of our agents will call to inform and advise in minutes.

  • Handlebars: handlebars contain lots of bacteria and disinfect must clean often.
  • Powder: before applying any product specific for the maintenance of wooden doors cleaning, you should remove dust from the door.
  • Products: although there are specific cleaning products, in principle, the wooden doors can be cleaned with common and everyday products in every home.

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