How To Integrate Television In Decoration

How to integrate television in decoration

Television is a device that is in almost every home, it is rare to find no TV, so its presence is assumed, but sometimes we just do not like how it looks and prefer to integrate with the rest of the decor.

In today's article we will see a few examples to inspire you and lame ideas on how to turn television into a decorative element, and ways to make it go unnoticed with a few easy tricks. You will see how well you are and what you earn the room without TV through.

Mirrors are a TV

In first position he could not miss one of the most striking objects when you see them running. The first time I saw them, and almost certainly most people, was in a movie. I not really imagined that these mirrors comercializasen television in Spanish shops, but it is, if you want one you can buy!

This image is an actual photo of the store dedicated exclusively to market in Spain mirrors television, and let you choose inches, the type of frame for the mirror, USB and HDMI, wireless, if you want to integrate the Apple TV and some things that are very good.

Of all the options we will see in the post, this is the one I like, if we put a modern setting can be great, and are next-generation TVs, so the picture quality is perfect.

Dark backgrounds form a mosaic

If you already have a TV and do not want to buy the mirror, a simple way is to camouflage it with a dark background that has shapes and straight lines so that when it is off a little disguise. Not the best solution if you want to hide it, but it's faster and cheaper.

By creating a dark background behind it, it will automatically be integrated into the decor of the room, or the room where we are. If the TV you have is pretty and the latest technology perhaps you fancy display, so it can be a good idea, because as seen in the photo it looks good.

Completely hide the TV

You may prefer to hide at all, so the only thing left is that somehow the tapes and see Destapes anytime. There are solutions that are pretty good, are cool and did not notice anything that there is no TV.

This example above is for the most classic, recessed TV in the cabinet room. I personally do not like the style, but the truth is good.

In this picture they have been put TV into a kind of cabinet that may seem the booze for example. Looks good, I like and is more dynamic than the last.

Finally we have this idea that I really like. It is similar to the above but with a work of art. Say you send to the smooth unit with two doors and an artist paints a picture to your liking. Yes, it is probably the most expensive option.

Integrating the entrance television decorating Home Decorating appears first.

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