How To Fix Leaky Cistern With Easy

Your tank is damaged and do not want water is lost unnecessarily? Today we help you fix leaky cistern with a few simple steps.

If the tank leaks may be due either to the filling valve does not shut off when due or when the discharge valve does not close properly. To find out why that causes the problem, we must open the tank to check.

To any incident that may happen in the bathroom or pipe breakage, it is essential to have a home insurance to support us in these troubled times.

What tools do we need?

– Screwdriver.

– Pliers.

– New filling valve (depending on the fault).

– Spanner.

We open the tank

1. Depending on the type of device, we must remove the cover of the tank in one way or another. We will remove the central button pulling up with a screwdriver. In the case of shooters will have to scroll up and hold the rod with pliers to unscrew the knob handle. In the example we will explain below, it is a button.

2. When the turn of the bezel comes, you have to unscrew it until it comes out completely.

Some models include a cable system. In this case it is not necessary to unscrew the bezel, but by simply lifting the lid of the tank and pull the gray piece that snaps with the button is enough.

How the fill valve is changed?

If the problem is that the filling valve does not close, we see perfectly that water runs over and exit at the center of the valve (tube blue in the image).

It could also be that you have accumulated lime, and for this reason the float that cuts the water jam. If the cleaning, and working properly, we should not do anything else. However, if poorly regulated, we should fix it through the screw on top. Finally, another problem may be that the refill valve is clogged and no water cut, in this case must be replaced.

In the latter case, we must proceed as follows:

1. Close the faucet so that no one drop to the tank.

2. Helping with a spanner, we will remove the hose taking special care with the board.

3. Remove the nut to remove the fill valve.

4. Place the new valve in place appropriate, tighten the nut and then the hose.

5. Open the faucet and adjust the float so that the water does not run anywhere.

How the discharge valve is changed?

Before replacing the valve, make sure there is no residue in the seal. As in the previous case, now we repeat some steps:

1. Close the water inlet tap and flushing the toilet.

2. Remove the valve by turning it counterclockwise to clockwise.

3. Clean the gasket and the seat (which supports the seal). The latter is the part that is left in the tank.

4. To reassemble the introduce in the tank and we turn, this time in the direction of clockwise, to lock the notches.

5. open again the faucet to check if the leak continues.

6. If the problem persists, have to change the fill valve as explained above.

Fix leaky cistern is very important to avoid uncomfortable noises WC as well as to prevent water being spent unnecessarily. In addition to following these tips, you should also clean the inside of the tank every 6 months so that no dirt accumulates.

  • Toilet flushes: consists of two separate devices, one is the fill valve that allows fair between the water and the other relief valve which takes out the water quickly.
  • Leaky cistern: although we have a small leak, after a few weeks can cause an expenditure of a few liters of water. In addition, over time you can leave residues in our cup, so you should fix the problem as soon as possible.
  • Savings: flushing systems currently exist two buttons to perform an “average” download and save water.

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