How To Design Ventilation In The Bathroom


The ventilation in the bathroom is essential to avoid the appearance of fungi and humidity. For this, it is necessary to resort to extraction ducts and openings.

Given that the vast majority of the bathrooms and many kitchens do not have windows, it is very necessary to ventilate these rooms to prevent fungus growth and moisture, renewing the air so that the formation of these unwanted “guests “. This risk is especially dangerous in times when moisture condenses, especially in bathrooms, for example after baths and showers.

To avoid these dangers, there is the Technical Building Code (CTE) which requires that households have an overall system of ventilation for air circulation and renewal.

This point is essential for ventilation of the bathroom and the kitchen is done with all the guarantees and the air does not condense. To achieve this it is marked that it is necessary to install conduits (or openings) extraction ceiling to 10 centimeters more than the figure in any nook or corner upright.

Types of ventilation

Although ventilation is always carried out through exhaust fans, vents and humidifiers (called mechanical ventilation), it can also be a hybrid ventilation, which is combined with the natural way (the air is renewed only), while there are possibilities and pressure and temperature conditions are favorable.

Works for acclimatise

Before the adoption of the CTE above, about 8 years ago, the houses lacked extraction systems in the bathrooms, which were finished by adopting amendments later, usually in the toilet doors.

However, in the case of the fans, it is usual to install on the ceiling or walls always checking the exhaust outlet is not blocked, because otherwise the ventilation of the bathroom would not comply with the rules or housing needs.

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  • Regulations: Technical Building Code establishes the obligation of a general ventilation system.
  • Condensation air: the rooms like the bathroom and kitchen need always ducts and exhaust openings.
  • Fungi: condensation of water vapor can lead to the appearance of fungi and humidities.

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