How To Clean Awnings By Self

Clean awnings

In spring and summer awnings become key elements at home because besides giving us shade and enjoy pleasant moments, decorating our yards and gardens. It is important to clean the sheets so they look like new every year.

For awnings are kept in good condition and do not lose their original features is very important maintenance and cleaning, since they are always exposed to the outside and the weather. Here we give you some tips for cleaning awnings and if you’re worried about protecting your home, it is best to hire a home insurance which includes numerous benefits and coverage with which you can rest easy. We will inform you of what you need.

How to keep a canopy?

The best thing to keep in good condition awnings is keep them clean throughout the year. Occasionally to clean the awning is completely open and good to vacuum or failing a soft brush to remove dust.

A good time to clean the awning is in a storm because the force of the water with our awning will be perfect. If the water drops without strength may be better to wait for another time because this water could mess over the awning. Now, after washing the canopy in this way, we must wait for it to dry thoroughly for storage or otherwise, may appear mold and unpleasant odors.

Thorough Cleaning

Maintenance following these guidelines when removing the awning after having been kept so long, we do not take any surprises. Yes, it’s time to clean it thoroughly. To do this, follow these tips:

1. Check the condition of the sheets and clean with a rag and special product metal materials.

2. Apply wax or oil on the hinges for proper operation.

3. The fabric awnings usually plastic or canvas, so we must be careful about the products that we use. It is best to remove the dust with a brush like we were sweeping and then with a mixture of hot water, detergent and ammonia scrubbing with a sponge the entire surface.

4. In case you find a stain, it is best to insist rubbing the mixture described in the previous paragraph and in case of failing to remove, apply some degreaser. Then rinse the fabric thoroughly with a hose if we or water and vinegar.

5. If your canopy is detachable and what happens is that the tissue lost a lot of color, the best solution is to take it to a dry cleaner so they can dye it again and that our awning look like new.

To take a summer cafe with friends or family on your terrace or garden with harmony, it is best that you are aware of any detail such as cleaning awnings and they look like the first day.

  • Maintenance: maintenance is advisable to carry out periodic cleaning of the awning to prevent spoilage.
  • Cleaning more importantly remove dust, clean with soapy water, oiling the hinges and let it dry completely before folding.
  • Tip: Do not store wet awning because it can create mold.

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