How To Clean A Cooker Hood With Easy Way

Perform a thorough cleaning of our cuisine is one of the most tedious tasks that exist, do not you think? Today we show you how to clean a fume hood in a few steps.

The hood is one of the items in the kitchen that’s cleaning work costs due to fat accumulation, both internally and externally. If the hood does not touch you find enjoyable, read these tips to clean quickly and completely hygienic way.

Cleaning the kitchen extractor

If we forget to turn cooking hood, fat builds up on the blades and grids. Apply liquid degreasers with a cloth is not always enough, since due to the function of the extractor is often accumulate too much dirt on all the holes.

It is advisable to perform a deep cleaning of a fume hood, exhaust is removed. In this way we can let water grids with degreaser overnight. The next day and we’ll just remove debris with a brush and rinse with water.

The next step is to clean the inside of the hood. We will do it with a sponge soaked with ammonia. To do this, remember to wear gloves and try not to wet the engine.

To the outside of the hood, we only need to spend a wet cloth of water mixed with a tablespoon of baking. Then you have to dry the surface thoroughly and once completed, and can be mounted around the set.

It is recommended that this process every three to four months to have a flawless long hood. And to take care of the rest of your home, hire a home insurance . You can read completely free of the coverage that best fit your way of enjoying your home.

Another way to clean the hood

Put two pots with water and the juice of two lemons in the heat until they start to boil. When this time comes, activates the extractor for 20 or 30 minutes.

After this time, wait for the water to cool and use it to clean the hood with a cloth. With this natural remedy you will see that the fat disappears completely.

  • Steps: Remove the blades, soaking the grids and clean.
  • Be careful: not to wet the engine.
  • Another alternative: cooking water with lemon juice and boil.

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