How Grind Crystals

How grind crystalsGrinding is a technique used in glass windows and doors to get them to become opaque, and can also be seen in some decorative items from this material, such as vases or lamps. If you have skill, the truth is that you can do at home and get very good results, so you'll save having to invest in come ready-made, which is more expensive than normal.

Emery has harshly as it is mixed with other minerals for making abrasive powder such getting scratched all materials except for diamond, which is lined with one another diamond. It is a material that is also used to carve precious stones, sharpening tools, metal polish or tarnish crystals, making it very versatile.

The process

To grind glass, you must first have the materials: emery powder, water and tin sheets. It is advisable to practice in a small glass before going to the final, so you make sure that you know do not spoil the final result. You must place the piece on a flat, stable surface so that the task will prove easy, with very good choice or a countertop wooden table.

How grind crystals Once you have the already stable glass, sprinkle entire surface with emery and pour water until a liquid paste. Then pull the sheet of tin with one hand and rubbing the glass looks energetic, circular motions; clarifies entire surface and repeats the process. Finally, wash the glass with soap and rinse with plenty of water.

Information and Precautions

First, it is important to know that to overshadow the glass should do so only on one side, not both. Any work you do with glass or glass has certain risks, so you should take a few precautions to avoid problems. When you go to move a piece, wear gloves and also protects your wrists or hands protects chamois or similar. Never traslades a glass "bareback".

How grind crystals If the piece is too big, ask for help for transportation, check that has no irregularities that you can cut before moving. If you have, wet sandpaper in water and pass smoothly through the area to be cut will not weaken.

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