Guide To Decorate Bathrooms: Trends, Ideas And Photos

Bath or shower is a space in the home you must meet two basic maxims: give a feeling of cleanliness and order and be functional to give us the performance of our daily grooming tasks. Besides all this, do not forget that we have to get to be a space for relaxation to suggest us, especially being.

To do this, the distribution, the choice between different alternatives and design are critical, taking into account the breadth of our bathroom and other aspects, like it or not has natural lighting.

Although knowing how to choose well the tiles and the floor tiles is vital, and shower or bath, it is easy to improve the aesthetics of bathroom accessories such as towel racks, furniture or mirrors.

The white light makes winning the bathrooms, so it is often chosen. In addition, it is associated with comfort and cleanliness. If this is your choice, remember to put a touch of color in the details.

Bath or shower? – Both give us great opportunities in terms of decoration. If you have a small space, we recommend a shower, which will help you save space. To separate and protect any of them, there are numerous alternatives:

– Screens aluminum or glass. They are the most common, although there are screens all materials. The glass gives a bohemian and elegant and you can also choose it with borders or patterns according the design of your bathroom. The most important thing is to stay always clean.

– Curtains. Also they constitute an important aspect in the overall decor of the bathroom, highlighting especially if it is small. They may be more functional than the screens and easier to change, but many people do not consider them as elegant. Choose one of good material so that no dirt and mold as well as a design that go with your style accumulate.

What can not miss in your bathroom – There are a number of elements of the toilet can not do without:

– Mirrors. Besides being very functional, because we need them in the work room, they are well suited to the decoration of bathrooms and help to make it look wider. Plays with shapes and sizes, you can install mirrors full, round or square body, and use their options at the doors of the furniture.

– Lighting. Especially important if your bathroom does not come natural light. The ideal is to have a kind of light that allows us to see in detail (eg lighting mirrors), and another fainter to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Halogen and LED lights will give us great opportunities.

– Accessories. Of great importance in the decoration of bathrooms, usually keep all the same style. Towel with original shapes and motifs, soap dishes, toothbrush glasses, and so on.

– Objects to decorate. We talked of pictures that are installed to help give strength in decor, natural elements like flowers vases or porcelain, small cushions or candles.

-Alfombrilla. The situate next to the shower or tub to prevent slipping when exiting. Do not settle for the typical bath mat and go beyond, opt for one of a different texture, color highlighting and occupying more space in that area to give additional warmth.

– Furniture. Wood bets usually look good in bathrooms, but they can also deal with furniture color to the notes. A chair or the like to leave clothes before getting into the shower, even a chair if you have room, will be very good choice. If the bathroom is small, we recommend the shelves, where you can organize your accessories with wicker baskets; double tables for storing towels and other; small cabinets or furniture with drawers and doors to avoid objects in view room, but you can access them easily. Choose furniture that stand out for their versatility, as shelves, suspended furniture, carts or cabinets with mirrored front.

– Slip adhesives for swimming. If you have children, remember to coat the bath or shower with anti-slip or, failing that, buy some stickers with beautiful motifs to attach to the bottom surface. An idea you’ll love is to cover the floor of the shower with a wooden platform. Not only is it durable and give a stately look to your shower, but also non-slip.

– A tray or shelf in the shower to have on hand gels, softening or sponges. Choose a waterproof or is in an area where it dry for afearse no time.

– Taps: Although it seems another element, it is a perfect opportunity to give the bathroom we need that modern touch. We can bet cascade faucets, more slender, round, elongated …

Overall, in the small bathrooms it is recommended to go for light colors to make it look larger and draw full advantage of its luminosity. If we want our toilet remind us the sea and to provide rest and relaxation, the tones that go well and remain trend are the scales in blue or green. But if the bathroom is larger and you want to give an elegant note, red and black or black and white contrast will give a very aesthetic and different touch.

For a modern minimalist touch, commitment confrontation white and gray. The ideal in bathrooms is to mix two or three base colors with accessories that keep the same line of color.

Current trends in decorating bathrooms – It is creating a tendency to make the bathrooms seem increasingly small living rooms. Furniture such as chairs or focusing the tub in the middle of the bathroom, instead of it away into a corner: To do this, use other decorative elements is made. This makes them more sophisticated and elegant. This season, earthy colors, wood furniture and strong contrasts in two tones are carried.

Minimalist style – I became fashionable in recent years, reaching wanting to break with the previous aesthetic betting bathrooms little design. They continue to rise for its elegance and glamor. Often they use neutral colors without betting much for the bright color, if they do it in small details such as towel or dark purple chairs and is a design in which the straight lines predominate. A fashionable tendency in this style which will give your bathroom a totally new look are suspended furniture: sinks, cabinets anchored to the wall that does not touch the ground, but a few centimeters rise above it.

Zen decor in bathrooms – We could say that part of the foundations of minimalist in terms that modern touch, a certain simplicity and symmetry, but looking for extra balance. Remember to use elements such as black stripes on white contrasts, creating a restful pastel, ocher and beige range environment. Opting for natural materials such as stone, bamboo, wicker and paper, few frills, soft, indirect lighting, and above all, to keep a sense of order, avoiding the overloaded ornamentation.

Rustic Bathroom Design – It remains trend in bathrooms, but mixing modern elements (like bathtubs and toilets in unusual ways) with shades of light wood and even vintage elements.

Vintage – Always a safe bet for the nostalgic, especially suitable for large spaces. This style is perhaps the most retrieve an item that has been lost in bathrooms by low functionality: The bidet.

Dominated by shades like beige, raw or pink, items like lamps from another era, slimmer and exaggerated faucets, furniture like couches and accessories as chandeliers. This trend will be better with a round bathtub, rectangular rather than hidden.

General ideas for your bathroom – As we have said that wood is fashionable, how about lining the front of your wooden tub? It will also be easily combined with elements such as wicker chairs and beige accents. Wood also can be incorporated into the furniture, towel racks or pallets, is always a safe bet that gives you some Nordic aspect of warmth as well as being resistant material.

Showers are also carried double height, ideal for saving space and give a modern touch. Simply installing a glass door to protect the shower, we have created an area of ​​great functionality.

Following the ideas for small bathrooms, toilets and commitment rectangular suspended to save space. Installed on the same wall the toilet, sink and shower and be sure to take into account the floating toilets.

It also integrates high storage furniture, such as furniture corners, cabinets under sinks or sliding doors and even screens to separate spaces, such as the shower and toilet.

The tiles can also give us great possibilities in decoration. There are a variety of them in plain colors, textures or pictures to take that differential and personal touch and make your bathroom does not look like any other.

Similarly, the color bet can hand the floor tiles. Escape from simple tiles that just add anything to the decor and some decántate variously combining different patterns or colors.

In bathtubs and showers, it takes a lot options whirlpools, very pleasant in the day, in addition to the general appearance of modern bathroom tap. The alternatives are immense: computerized showers or thermostatic mixers that provide us with water from one or more heads.

Linked to this concept of bathroom as a place for relaxation and wellbeing come bets in music and aromas. On the one hand, set aside a corner for a music and the like that you can join us when we aseamos, it will be an idea that you would appreciate. The aromas come from the hand of elements such as candles or fragrant incense.

For a bolder investment, major designers propose mix two elements: fire and water, installing a small fireplace next to the tub. The result? A taste of other times and bath rabid originality.

Low tubs are also carried with shelves, so that the bath incorporates a rectangular space of several centimeters, which can place items such as towels, candles, vases or items that can be used in the bath, as a glass of wine or chocolates to make our evening bath a pleasure.

The flowers and plants are present and not only vases but also in the form of painted murals that give a natural touch to our bathrooms. If you like Japanese or Korean style, do paint a mural of the most exotic Asian trees.

A bet in terms of colors, are the bathroom ground with orange color contrasts, picture frames and mirrors and carpets.

Finally, remember that your bathroom should always be clean and tidy to make it functional and give us the comfort that we need. A very curious and aesthetic way to save is by rolling towels and storing them on shelves.

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