Farewell To Makeup Stains On Clothing


If you have the habit of makeup every day, many times your clothes can be affected by some paint brushes. To remedy that problem, today we say goodbye to makeup stains on clothing with a few tricks.

Many women choose makeup before putting on clothes to keep it free and others prefer to do the opposite. It is in one way or another, no garment is exempt from suffering any makeup brush and dirty. Keep reading for the following tips will help you say goodbye to makeup stains on clothing:

1. Before washing contaminated clothing, enter it in water with vinegar for a few minutes. You can also add a few drops of lemon for maximum efficiency.

2. Rub the stain with liquid detergent up until it is completely gone, and then rinse the garment with water.

3. If your clothes are smeared lipstick must resort to rub the stain with a cotton ball soaked in ammonia. If the garment label allows, after the hot water will wash.

Have you seen like saying goodbye to makeup stains on clothing is something very simple? Drawing on some basic ingredients will get a foolproof results. And remember that your Home Insurance offers broad coverage and assistance to despreocupes you to the rest of contingencies that may arise.

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