Efficient Ways To Clean The Bathroom Tiles

We all know the great pleasure of having a clean and fresh bathroom. However, many times, even if we rub the tiles with the usual products in our daily cleaning, there are still yellow, mottled lime soap embedded or disfigure our cloakroom. Especially those who are close to the bathtub or shower more often tend to get dirty and may even traces of mold appear. There are a number of tips that will make them shine, the they give a fresh look and make them look like new.

Remove Dust from the Tiles

Believe it or not, the bathroom tiles also accumulate dust and hair. To do this, vacuuming or with a dry cloth, remove all dust particles. Once this is done, we can begin to clean them thoroughly.

The first cleaning with baking soda or ammonia

They are the two key to start cleaning the bathroom tile products. The bicarbonate is inexpensive and excellent bleach, but also serve you if your tiles are colored. To do this, find an old, tough and big sponge only going to use for cleaning. Just moisten and apply baking powder on it. Then rub is as hard as we can to eliminate these traces of fat-produced by soaps and products usamos-, and mold. To facilitate the work, you can do when someone has finished taking a shower; thus, water vapor help in the task, softening the adhered stains to tiles.

Another solution, although it is a more aggressive product, serve in place of ammonia. Before you get to it, open doors and windows to let air run, because it is a chemical, and protect yourself hands with plastic gloves. A pint of hot water with two tablespoons of ammonia are enough to make the mixture to return to your tile splendor. Rub all tiles without fear with this product, which is a degreaser that will not discolor. Then dry with a clean cloth or newspaper.


Perhaps, yet after having degreased, boards follow a little yellowish. If necessary, use an old toothbrush and rub them previously teeth soaking in a little bleach. This will make them look whiter than ever.

Second cleaning: vinegar

We have already spoken on many occasions of the properties that have this natural product. It is an excellent disinfectant cleaner that can be used for many household cleaning tasks. The second “layer” to clean up after the ammonia or baking, it is important to remove limescale that may have survived.

Mix half a liter of cold water with a glass of vinegar and apply the mixture with the same sponge, once clarified. You can pour the solution into a spray to make the task easier. We leave it for a few minutes and clarify with a cloth or sponge dampened the same water. It is important to clarify. Then we just need to wipe with a dry cloth or top it with glass cleaner.

The bleach white tiles

In principle, the proposed methods would have enough to leave them clean and shiny tiles, whether colored or white. However, if the tiles are completely white and want a more intense result, you can try with bleach. To do this, you just have to prepare a solution with this product and a little water. Bleach is known for its bleaching properties, but is a very strong chemical, so we recommend you protect your hands with gloves and properly ventilated.

You can apply the bleach after cleaning with baking soda or ammonia, or make a third cleaning after the proposed solutions of ammonia and vinegar. What it will do is finish cleaning your tiles, giving them an extra whiteness. Do not forget, at the end, rinse well and tiles with a dry cloth to exploit its full brightness.

In addition, these solutions, especially with vinegar we propose are designed to eliminate lime and dirt from elsewhere, like the shower head or faucet.

It may seem a long and expensive process, but in reality it can be done in just one morning, giving an incredible result and a second life to the tiles. If you clean well, you do not need to repeat it in a while, but always keep clean shower will make the results last much longer.

But your white tiles may be too old and although these solutions are clean, no longer look as polished as it were one day. If after trying these solutions and bleach, their appearance does not convince you, you can choose to give a coat of paint, buying in shops selling household. In a future post, we’ll show how to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom radically with one of these solutions.

These tips for cleaning tiles in the bathroom, which can be applied for both the walls and the floor of the shower, often be true for the kitchen tiles. However, stronger staining of fat that may appear therein, others may require slightly different products and methods.

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