Doormats: Decorating Our Entry Room

In the decoration of a house, that space as ours and where we spent so many hours, every detail is important. A door, a shelf, a round table … everything must be completely to our taste and balance aesthetics and functionality.

The mat, that object every day we will welcome us and our visitors, is also something that we choose according to our tastes and needs.

A doormat is an important element to protect our house dust and dirt from outside, much as we take off our shoes custom, always help us keep more clean and neat house. The most common mats are placed at the entrance of the home; that is, on the outside of the door, so, in theory, are not part of the house although the form. However, there are many places on the floor where they can get mats: by the door, but on the inside (to help remove shoes and still protect from dust, for example), before entering the kitchen to prevent fat is distributed, in a room, in the bathroom, and so on.

Focusing on those mats that are outside of the house, be very entertaining pick the original one, but also functional, taking into account aesthetics and material. These mats are usually thicker and stronger than those that we will deploy inside; especially if they are frequently subjected to wind or rain. Think that are responsible for collecting everything that we bring from outside on shoes.


Is large range of suitable materials for a doormat. They are usually made of rubber or fiber coconut, helping the absorption and are easy to wash. In addition, we recommend you choose a non-slip base, increasing their level of security to prevent falls.

Simple and classic

From the typical mat gray or black (for obvious reasons, we do not suggest white or very light will be continuously dirty!), To all kinds of colors. The tone that most matches your entry or portal, the color brighter … Also you have checked, prints, vintage type, with spots, stripes or borders diverse and bright colors. Creativity is also possible on your doormat.

Fun and colorful rugs

Are you tired or tired of having a typical mat, like everyone? Would you like yours stand out on the landing? You have thousands of options that you can find easily in decoration shops, gift shops or even from your computer. The range of these is enormous: figures happy animals, cartoons, travel mats that show the most beautiful cities in the world, who gives us good morning in several languages, characters from comics, including those that mimic Facebook or video games as typical as the crooks.

Doormats with forms

Who said that a mat had to be square? Round give a very curious at the entrance to the housing aspect, you can also give the note of romanticism with those heart-shaped, a provocateur with which mimic lips or other forms, such as cars, silhouettes or dye comic sandwich.

Messages to laugh

Surely you’ve ever gone to visit someone and witty message from his doormat made you laugh. If you like to put a touch of humor before going home, the message feature on mats is huge. For example, “Calma, now I open”, “If you come to steal my neighbor is rich,” “Grandchildren welcome, let the parents at home,” “Doctor everyone treads me” “Oh, no! You again “and so on. Messages can also be sweet and romantic, like “you’re the most beautiful accident that came to my house” or friendly as “What happens on this floor, it stays on this floor”, perfect for students. Even lovers of good cheer can choose the one that says “forbidden grumpy”. The latest in rugs is that which paraphrases one of the characters of the famous series “The looming”, which reads “For I confiscated the mat”. Find the message you look funny for your doormat!

How to wash a doormat

Finally, when you’ve already got the doormat of your dreams, think should take care and keep it clean and free of dust. Although it may seem complicated, it really is not. Of course, with broom or better yet, with the vacuum cleaner, so get rid of dirt. This action can be done every two or three days, while we hope the rest of the house. Once a month or if it is very dirty, try to develop a mixture with very hot water, a cup of dish soap and a little baking. With a brush, rub it until the bristles are free from dirt and dust, to leave after dry.

For decorating a home it is not based only on doors inward, for a price ranging between 10 and 20 euros can find the mat that you like and give you daily welcome. In addition, it is also a good choice for a gift to someone you know who likes to take care of your home.

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