DIY To Removing A Wall Tapestry

To make a reform at home, one of the tasks to be performed is to remove any paper remains on the walls. Do you know how to remove a wall tapestry in a very simple way? Read on …

Remove the decorative wallpaper a room we want to renew is a very easy task. Do not miss the following tips to remove a tapestry wall without damaging it.

Steps to follow

Or because you want to paint the walls of a room or change the decor wallpaper, just follow a series of steps:

1. Mix in a bowl with hot water spray with fabric softener.

2. Before taking action, remember to cover the floor and furniture with cloths or old sheets. Guards also removes outlets and switches.

3. Make several cuts in the form of holes in the wallpaper.

4. Dampen the paper thoroughly the sprayer and let the mixture sit for 15 or 20 minutes.

5. Start the wallpaper off the walls, taking account of from the bottom up.

6. You can take a spatula if you need help.

How to remove glue residue

When we have removed all wallpaper on the wall, we find that they have been traces of glue. Remove not take long, it is only necessary to clean the walls with a sponge and a little dishwashing detergent and hot water. In this way, your walls will be free of any debris.

After completing this step, all that remains is to rinse the surface with warm water and dry with a clean towel. After this mechanical about removing a wall tapestry, you can choose the color you like or wallpaper that goes to match your new decor.

In the event that you are forced to paint the walls for some urgent reason Platinum Home Insurance will cover repairs, renovations and other services to an urgent casualty.

  • Recommendation: Use fabric softener mixed with warm water to remove the wallpaper.
  • Steps: make cuts in the carpet and wet with homemade mixture. With a spatula to peel off the paper from the bottom up.
  • Remove the glue: water and dishwashing detergent, rubbing with a sponge.

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