Decorating Larger Rooms With Mirrors

If you propose to enlarge rooms with mirrors, you have to consider some important details to avoid mistakes and get the desired result: your bedroom or distributor, for example, be much broader.

Larger rooms with mirrors is a classic resort interior decoration, however, given their effectiveness and relative ease, it is still a resource that is used quite frequently in the home and in public places such as restaurants or shops.

The first thing to evaluate is whether to use mirrors, is the best way to larger spaces, there are places where it is not advisable to put, for example:

– Towels Foreign childish rooms: terraces, patios or gardens

Opt before putting mirrors in these places, seeking other alternatives, since the mirrors are delicate, they can be easily broken and dangerous as what stays. They also have a considerable weight, since to be effective enlarging spaces should be large.

Discarded these places, however, there are rooms where mirrors, besides being practical and useful, are the ideal way to achieve, at least visually, more meters in our home. This applies to:


If one wall, preferably opposite the door to the bedroom mirrors the forras undoubtedly will achieve an effect very significant extent. A good alternative and decoratively appropriate, is placed on the outside of one or more of the doors of the wardrobe, especially if it is a wardrobe and mirrors.


The mirrors are common in bathrooms, which is easy also to place strategically to achieve greater visual space. The bathrooms and shower enclosures are suitable for putting large mirrors that give more breadth to the bathroom areas. Above the sink is another perfect choice choose construction and large mirrors built into the wall for greater safety and a more striking effect.

Distributors, corridors or hallways

Do not you find it difficult to find space for some kind of mirror in these areas of your home, plus the’ll use frequently. If it is a corridor, you can place them on both sides alternately and for a more chic and contemporary effect, bets on frameless mirrors and undulating forms, for example. For the hall, however, you may prefer a space of vintage style. It will be simple, if you resort to a large horizontal mirror with old frame.

Larger spaces with mirrors is an idea of ​​effective and easy to perform decoration, if you hit in the spaces; moreover, it does not require large works or reforms, and allow you to create styles and very modern decorations. It also protects your new style created with mirrors with Homeowners Insurance to always be in perfect condition, let us now your contact and inform you.

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