Decorating For A Party Ibiza

Summer is the best time to party outdoors and enjoy our terrace and garden, so today I want to talk about decorating for a party Ibiza, a type of very summery event you can invite all your friends to enjoy a good dinner, nice music and an unforgettable evening. The perfect scenario for my taste would do on an idyllic beach, with the sea bottom and the breeze cooling the room, but as everything can be possible, let’s see how to do it at home.

Ibizan outdoor parties are the most beautiful for my taste, but if you have space also can do indoors, missing more. But think that we want to enjoy those outdoor flooring with so much hope put on our deck and we’ll see how to decorate the space to create a cozy and nice atmosphere.

First of all, if it is a white party on Ibiza will be the main character, perhaps topped with blue tones that evoke the sea and Ibiza villages such as characteristic. Also we post many candles to create a romantic and intimate space and, of course, the flowers, a must in any event of this nature.

The style chill out Ibizan decorate your party – The chill environments are themselves also of Ibiza, so your terrace or garden can be decorated with large cushions, poufs and very filmy fabrics that invite us to enjoy a pleasant conversation with background music, and a good cocktail in hand .

You can add lanterns and torches create a soft lighting and design as well get a very magical atmosphere. If you have enough space, place a wooden pergola and white fabrics that can install under chill out or put in that place the area of ​​food and drink. You can also use the resources we already have at home covering, for example, the deckchairs on your terrace with beautiful patterned fabrics or white and setting up the cushions, petite makeshift beds coolest … On the other hand, you can decorate your party with garlands colored paper made of tissue paper.

If your party Ibiza has to hold inside, committed to placing white sheets on the sofas and colorful cushions that contrast, missing candles and many flowers in the room, and enjoying the company, food and music. The post Decorating for a party Ibiza Appeared first on Folat.orG.

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