Decorated With River Stones

There are hundreds of elements of nature that we can use (for aesthetic results!) To decorate our home. Moreover, many people are opting for more natural styles, instead of merely artificial. A perfect example of this that gives us great versatility example, are river rocks: those round and smooth rocks that can do real wonders in our corners.

Not only river rocks give us this possibility: any type of stone can be used depending on the design we have in mind: to use pebbles, beach stones, sharp rocks or boulders. We have chosen the river rocks because we can get them easily, they are smooth, elongated, round and very different varieties and colors, so give us great options and volatility. Are you up for more ideas? Here are some.

For garden

Of course, if you have a garden, this is a perfect place to implement these decorating ideas, but not only. Alternating stones of different size, you can create a small fountain, as well as a way to surround your plants or garden, and with many of them, create borders and thousands of custom designs, alternating with flowers and green in your garden, they will even more elegant, original and beautiful. In addition, the stones of small size are perfect to create a mini-garden pond or miniature imitation of Japanese gardens. This design is only one example of what you can do on exterior surfaces with many of these stones:

Stones indoors

However, the vast majority of people living in cities do not have a garden, though, or worry, the stones also give us great possibilities indoors. In addition, you can create a little zen garden in a corner of the room, we can develop all kinds of craft items: from coasters to carpets. The natural color of the stones will give us, as we said, a rustic and original touch, but, if you prefer, we can paint us the tone matches the style of our room or living room. With painted stones, we can recreate sheets at will. There are people who create works of art with such simple element.

Painted stones imitating forms

If this idea of ​​painted stones you like, you can use them to paint on an animal or anything you like: turtles, ladybugs or cats. Resulting in an ideal room for children also can make themselves décor. Once obtained the design, the stones can become ingenious paperweights, bookends beautiful, creative or fridge magnets.

Also, you can recreate scenes. For example, a Bethlehem as Christmas or favorite cartoons your kids to play with them as if they were any other doll arrives. Also, choosing a figure for each family member, may be markers to know its position in the table or for holding napkins.

Carpets or rugs

Painting the stones is entirely optional; many people prefer, however, leave their natural tone and leave “as outputs of the river”. To mats or rugs just you need more of them and a material such as felt or the like that adhere tightly. They can stick very close, orderly, or make shapes on the felt with various shapes and colors. Another idea is to glue on square formed sheets to end up being a smart (and natural!) Table for the living room, which can add, also mirrors.

Simply as part of the decoration

To decorate with river stones and similar of beautiful forms, it is not necessary to manipulate. Or paint them or glue them, as I have suggested above. 5-7 a set of stones of various sizes on a receiver, for example, be sufficient to fulfill its decorative function. Better still if we combine it with other elements recreating “scenes” that make special corner of our home. For example, the corner more “zen” of the house, can not fail to have this kind of well distributed stones (better if they are black). We may also create an illusion of “Aquarius” in the bathroom, combining it with candles, a rock painted like an aquarium, beach sand, sea shells, branches or plants, and so on. They are also perfect to put in the soap and soles centers where you light candles and incense. The bathroom is one of the places where a stone pad would be great.

Tables and desks

Another major options that give us the river stones is use to make that ordinary table something very original. They will be well on furniture or desks whose board is glass. We can define a timber for stacking the stones, which will be above the glass, giving a unique and natural effect. Also, you can create beautiful (star, a sun, borders …) figures on any glass object bearing not only on tables; for example, a jeweler. In the mirrors, highlighting those that are in the bathroom, even the stones give us ideal decorating options to break with standard trims. The stones are an element that suggest relaxation and nature, so that their harmony is perfect for bathrooms and garden.

One last tip, if you decide to create these scenes with stones and items like candles and sand, do it near a mirror. The reflection will look bigger and gives a very interesting effect in the decoration.

If any of these ideas you like, and you just have to make many river stones and give your home a touch of harmony, relaxation and originality that you wore time looking.

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