Decorate Your Garden For A Hippie Party

Color, nature and the unmistakable air of freedom can not miss, if you want to decorate your garden for a hippy party. Although major changes are not necessary, it is important to make your party unique.

To enjoy a garden at home is a great luck, also you can share holding meetings, events and parties, especially in the warmer months. Organizing a hippy party theme, for example, it is a success because it requires much preparation and you will succeed with all the guests.

To decorate your garden for a hippy party resources and we leave some suggestions:

• A good idea is to decorate the garden as if it were a music festival, typical of the hippy era. You can make posters with photos of the time, a poster … and show them off in a garden wall.

• It depends on the type of plants, trees, flowers or shrubs that you have in your garden and the space that you count. But in general, everything must be correctly posed, washed and worn. If you have fresh flowers, collect all you can and make crowns, both to decorate as to give to the guests.

• A photocall is indispensable. Topical element, essential in a hippy party, prepare a space for photos. This subject have many alternatives, as simple a background of big colorful flowers and some props like hats, scarves, big glasses … for guests to take their souvenir photos.

• Small verbena lights across the sky in your garden is the best way to illuminate, if the party is night. Paper lanterns and banners could also assert, if they are moles or flowers, even better.

• To sit better removes all furniture, commitment blankets, rugs, carpets or any fabric of those print as hippy 60s and 70s: big flowers, acid colors, psychedelic drawings and amoebas, for example. Encourage your guests to make or picnic seated at the party, there is nothing more hippy.

• If you have space and / or in addition, children guests, prepares a tipi for children to play with paints and paper to paint inside the tent and cushions that fit, they will keep them entertained and encantados.Para decorate your garden for a party hippy and hit just have to let your imagination and inspire you in pictures and images of that time, surely you will achieve a fun and entertaining holiday where you and your guests will enjoy freely. Remember that your garden is part of your home, to enjoy the most and have the resources to hire any accident now the best homeowners insurance , we will inform and advise you!

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