Decorate A Vertical Garden In Your Summer House

By virtue of being a second home does not mean you have to be careless or lack of decorative elements. So we’ll give you ideas for decorating a vertical garden in your summer house.

You can place plants and flowers on many surfaces and thus set a vertical garden. For example you can use an old box spring and paint it with touches that remind rust. Then he put vertically against a wall or hung with hooks or clamps to it. This way you can hang small pots with different plants and different sized hooks that fasten by the docks.

An old pallet can also perform the same function. In this case you will incorporate the hooks to the gaps between slats. But you also have the option of screwing the wooden planters so that they are fixed. In short, you have many media that you can use, but do not forget that you also apply some existing and some of the fences that protect your propiedad.Las pots hooked in a vertical garden also give rise to the imagination.

Why resort to the classic and boring pot? If you are handy with sewing, you can design small bags in which to place the ground and place the plant. Then you can hang those bags in your vertical garden. So you’ve created your own pot with Majorcan very atractivo.Unas result of an old closet doors give you an excellent opportunity to decorate a vertical garden in your summer house. It will be very resultón.

First paint it in bright colors and then fail the gaps in the wood for plants to be tolerated, that is, put them in the back and allowed to grow through the madera.Decorar a vertical garden in your house Summer is fun and the result will draw attention to your friends and visitors you receive. Precisely because you are very careful not to forget that a second residence also has to be protected.

There may be problems that damage the neighboring pipes, for example, aggravated because you are not present. That’s what the home insurance , to bring you the coverage that you need for each residence you like to discover them?

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