Create A Sweets Table For Your Son’s Birthday Party


The corner candy, sweet candy bar or table is already an indispensable element in any event, more if it’s a children’s party. If you are planning to create a table of sweets for your son’s birthday, these ideas will help.

The first to create sweet tables for your child’s birthday, is to assess some aspects and based on them design your candy bar:

– Age of the birthday child and guests.

– Number of guests.

– Physical space -metros- with you account for the corner sweet ride.

– Party time.

– Outdoor space or interior.Estos details have to know them and clear them before you start working on the table of sweets for your little party. As they will determine, for example, the number of different items you need and the type of candy to include. Not the same prepare a candy bar for 5 children under 3 and 10 adults, one for a party with many children of various ages and few adults.

Imagination and originality, besides the practical details are the two keys to designing a successful sweet table. Overall, everything is permitted that suits the taste and possibilities of the guests and space.

Among the common elements in a candy bar:

– Fondant cookies.

– Cupcakes.

– Popcakes.

– Candy kabobs.

– Sweet Tart.

– Or similarly themed fondant cake.

– Chocolate fountain.

– Gelatin of shapes and flavors.

It is best not to include all these elements, but selected according to the needs and tastes, plus the space that you have obtained. It is also important to note that if the party is outdoors sweet elements will be easier to preserve than others.

The final point is a sweet table decoration of both the table and the environment; coordination is very important to achieve a surprisingly sweet corner. Easy and practical, it is to choose a theme and that all elements revolve around it. You can choose to:

– The favorite film of the honoree.

– A character of Disney.

– One color.

– A historic era.

– A story.

– A place like a movie theater, a circus, the stellar space or a pirate ship.

The possibilities are many. The idea is that plates, cups, tablecloths, cutlery … besides wreaths, pictures, posters and everything you can think of; collaborate for the chosen theme shine on the table of sweets.

Create a table of sweets for your son’s birthday is a wonderful idea that will achieve both your little surprise, as all the guests. If you celebrate the party at your house, prepared with space time and remember that you must always be prepared for unexpected small accidents and your homeowners insurance can solve MAPFRE. Now confirms what your policy MAPFRE enjoys ideal and meet your child, without strain.

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