Colors For The Nursery Room

The arrival of a baby is always well received by the family. During the nine months that the gestation grandparents, siblings and other close people try to create the conditions necessary for the birth.

The baby’s bedroom is a special place where colors reign. Unlike other parts of the house, its decoration has not harmonize as a whole with the rest of the rooms of the house.

Common combinations

Generally parents choose the colors of the room considering the sex of the baby. Usually frequent paint the room for men with soft shades ranging from blue to dark fuchsia and pale pink for girls. When these colors are chosen may include furniture and white accessories, color wood, chocolate or coffee.

Other colors and defined as “unisex” are purple, green, yellow, and red, so you can use them in the room of the small (a) both on the walls and in detail.

It also can provide color to papal bedroom from children or painted shapes. This action can lead to a creative and original atmosphere to the room. Remember that the baby’s room decor changes as he grows.


Colours influence, on its own merits, in the psychology of individuals. While it is said that babies only see in black and white when they start to grow you feel attracted the most intense.

For baby sleep well and stay calm is better to use soft, natural hues. It is better to use bright and intense colors for details. However, the room should never be painted entirely white, but combined with pastel colors.

In the nursery we must ensure much enlightenment. While daytime lighting should be good, at night it must eliminate clarity to the baby to sleep.

Experts say the cream tones can be used up to two years, because after that time should not be as quiet as they should be encouraged to walk and other activities.

Blue is the color for cranky babies, while improving the state of anxiety, strengthen your immune system. For passive children it is best to paint the room with warm colors like red and green. You should know that green is good for sleeping and combined with orange, yellow or fuchsia spread joy.

Never you paint the room of a baby gray as it generates a weak emotional expression and does not transmit tranquility and motivations. Even worse is the black that does not generate any stimulus.


Before painting any room spaces must be taken into account. For example, a dark bedroom should not be painted with cool colors, the aim is to find the balance between light and color.

In the case of small bedrooms we recommend avoiding the intense colors for altering and impress the child. Instead large rooms must reject pastel colors as they were become much colder premises.

White or natural shades are good for bedrooms provided it is accompanied by a predominant color to perform contrast. Try the latter responds to light colors and paints with him one or two walls.

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