Coffee Tables With Casters – Ideas And Pictures

Your living room has a real coffee table that has become the center of attention so amazing it is? If not, then maybe it is time to change the soda table and you have a change like these coffee tables with wheels that you will see here!

A table for the living room on wheels comes with a world of advantages, and is certainly much more exciting than traditional fixed that never seems to go anywhere, are there are always quiet and boring.

A coffee table with personality makes its presence felt whatever the decor. With an increasingly strong trend of industrial style, put a wheel on the coffee table gives a great touch that will make a difference.

Vintage coffee tables with wheels

Vintage, industrial and rustic style is very fashionable, we live in an artificial world and everything old really done with materials we love. So here are a few pictures of vintage side tables so beautiful freak of what they can become.

We started with an idea that I love. It is not new but always attracts attention because it is also very easy to do. You just need a rigid old trunk or suitcase and put 4 wheels. At one point you have this piece of table where you can also store things you do not feel great!

Before moving on, another idea of ​​table with wheels that are a little out of the usual. Because you have to focus not only on ideas that have already seen the potential squeeze your imagination and have ideas like this. Some tree trunks!

If you like industrial style here’s a simple but resultón example. Here is a little more complicated to do it yourself, you have to make or buy it and send it well.

Side tables with wheels wooden pallets

Furniture with wooden pallets are a revolution, are economic risks can do ourselves and most importantly, no two are alike! If you’re bored furniture made in series, do not miss these pictures!

In another example the pallet is old, and also industrial has a very cool rustic.

And if you like the rustic log cabin look what a beautiful antique table.

Design tables with wheels

Now let just the opposite, furniture design clean and smooth lines. They are totally different styles, the good thing is as eclectic takes (mixing the new with the old) say that it will be put right.

We started with a minimalist coffee table with wheels, made of wood and glass in the center. You are having seen the above may seem a bit boring, but looks good to the whole.

Here is an example that, like the pallets, we can also make ourselves. We just need a wooden board to match the decor and 4 wheels.

If you’re into minimalist but with an industrial touch, sure that you another example looks nice. It is a table with four wheels of an industrial laundry cart for example.

So the pictures and examples of coffee tables with wheels for the living room or wherever you want them. I hope you liked, they are just ideas to inspire you and serves your own creations. Remember that you need not be the same, if you have your own label give more value!

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