Climbers Roses In Home Decor

We have already pointed out on other occasions how useful and convenient they are for decorative plants in a house: an inexpensive, colorful and natural option, however, requires a dose of caution. There are many outdoor plants (interior, for those with garden) we can choose from, but many people climbing plants opts for its originality and giving touch in decorating. Many of them are large and cover a large space. They can be a success in some environments, especially in large and airy places. Moreover, there is a huge range of vines: very common, green leaves like ivy or flowers and fruits, such as climbing rose or vine.

It is an option to be taken into account, although they are plants that are going to need a lot of attention, as they require special care, especially in the task of pruning and direct their growth. Ideally be planted on a terrace or garden, as they are very suitable for outdoor use. If this is your case, you can choose to deploy them on the wall, furniture or billboards; also in places such as around a window. On the wall, the floor will expand at will, should leave room for them to climb later (although some are slow to grow) and make sure that the soil has enough water.

Climbing plants also may be suitable for indoors. Regarding the location, we will pick a bright spot where the sunlight will reach easily and in a spacious place, as the plant will need to expand later. It is also necessary to use elements such as branches or canes to stand upright and use a pot large enough.

Caring for the vine is not the easiest, but following a few basic tips then learn how. The important thing is that as you grow orienting go to define how we want to expand it, to do this we need a straw or holder and soft threads to which they will tie the plant stems to prevent splitting.

There are vines that also tend to tangle, resulting in a very nice effect to the home. They are called creepers, among them are plants such as jasmine.

Types of climbing plants

There are many types and each requires different care. Outdoor, have very successful growing rapidly and are used to cover walls, for example, used to adorn the facade of a house. Ivy is very common with small green leaves can have different hues. Unlike many other climbing plants, ivy needs moisture but also shade. Other style are the mother or jungle vine, which also grow rapidly.

Many people, however, prefer flowering plants, to provide extra colorful and aroma. There are great options for flowering vines. The climbing rose is very elegant and suitable for a garden, but there are others such as bougainvillea, very conducive to a door or entrance. This flowering plant commonly found in deep pink, but is also found in pink, red or orange.

Another type of vines of great beauty are those that grow in a spiral; that is, its stem rotates and that the permits climb, leaving a beautiful sight to our home result. Among these species it is Jewish or diplademia.

More vines with flowers are the bells, round, purple and various shades of color, and one of the most frequently chosen, the wisteria. It is lilac, with abundant flowers that fall in tears, one of the most beautiful and suitable for decorating large spaces. Wisteria are perfect and provide outdoor decor thousand options: they will be ideal in outdoor gazebo in gates and fences, at the entrance of the house, on the facade, on arches, etcetera. Wisteria gives a romantic look and is ideal for decoration at big events such as meetings, dances and weddings, so it can be passed over for a party in a garden.

Possibilities of climbing

There are many more types of vines. Its variety is one of the strengths of this plant as an amateur gardening and home decor with these plants can do with them elegant compositions and choose a different one for each corner of the house, but not recommends different species together in the same space, but let the vine freely expand their wall or fence. The variety is immense in terms of types of flowers, the same colors, leaf types, different aromas, stems of different thickness and so on. In addition, some are more appropriate for cold climates, others need heat, they have different growth rates, a growing sun and other shade and some even change color depending on the season.

If you are thinking of putting one in your home, start by thinking about the place and form, length or color you would like to have. Once done, it will be easy to find the climbing plant that best suits your needs.

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