Clean White Furniture And Lacquered

White furniture bring to our house a pristine and glamorous air. This feeling is multiplied when they are lacquered, but not always kept in perfect condition. Today we give you the keys to clean white lacquered furniture.

The goal we set when clean white lacquered furniture is to get your brightness and brightness remain for much longer.

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Polish with glycerin

Although our day usually missing hours, it is advisable to make a hole to clean this type of furniture daily. This task will not take too long, because you only have to spend a damp cloth and then dry with another that is not wet to avoid leaving stains. Ideally microfiber rags do not leave lint.

To restore the gloss as if they were new, every so often you can apply a little liquid glycerin and let it air dry. Once the product has dried, passing a dry cloth and you’ll see how the effects notes.

In the event that your white furniture already adopted an unattractive yellowish, you can apply car polish and rub for a while.

No sign of footprints with ammonia

If your furniture is lacquered, you may have noticed that just touching the hand, brands are fully visible. To easily remove them, it is best to wipe the cabinet with a cloth with ammonia.

To remove ink stains from your lacquered furniture, you can turn to alcohol and apply it in a cloth.

With these tricks to clean white lacquered furniture will be as if you had bought the recently and above all, with minimal effort.

  • Brightness: to restore the brightness of the lacquered furniture just have to apply a little liquid glycerin.
  • Ammonia: is perfect for removing traces of fat that are so visible in this type of furniture.
  • Yellow: to retrieve furniture that are beginning to look waxy have to apply polish and be like new.

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