Chromotherapy In The Bathroom

Color therapy is based on using colors according to its effects and sensations, especially decorative level and may achieve more harmonious and beneficial to those who are in these spaces. It is also a very good therapy effects on the body, and in all cases is focused on the well-being and relaxation of those who enjoy it.

Today I want to focus on how to apply chromotherapy in the bathroom, where you can put power showers with benefits of this therapy, or apply the colors you will use for decoration. There are systems that emit colored lights on the water jets, some of them also music, which makes it much more relaxing bath.

Color properties

Each color has a different property, and the brain receives each like an electromagnetic vibration, which makes concretely respond to each of them, by reacting both body and mind. Typically the primary colors used, so let’s see what gives each of them.

– Red: is a very creative and cheerful color that is for people who are prone to decay, to feel sad. It increases blood circulation and stimulates the heart, so it is not recommended for people with hypertension or who are experiencing inflammation somewhere in your body.

– Green: is a very quiet, refreshing and calming color, and that’s what primarily provides. Conveys a sense of calm, hope and joy. It is especially used in pain therapy and people with skin lesions.

– Blue: a cool color is relaxing, clears and brings serenity. It is perfect for people who often suffer stress often besides insomnia. It is not recommended for people with depressive tendencies or who tend to suffer from fatigue.

– Yellow: It is a cozy and very warm color, and among its benefits is emphasized that is very positive for bile, pancreas and liver. It creates a perfect environment to combat states of decay, and is also recommended for shy people or wishing to strengthen their nervous system.


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