Choosing The Best And Beautiful Flexo

Choosing a flexoThe flexo is an almost indispensable element in workshops and study for both children and adults, as it helps to illuminate the area to perfection and the view is not affected by darkness. Today there are a variety of designs in different materials, colors, shapes, sizes … so you’re likely to find several right for you.

Besides being very functional, it is also decorative, and that adds style and personality to the room in which it is located. Currently, there are so modern that include alarm clock, USB port or regulatory touch for intensity. If you know choosing the right one, you will bring forth much game in every way. Remember to put a bulb of low consumption, it is much better for your bill and for the environment.

Media types

– Desktop: It is the one that has a base that is placed on the table, like a lamp. Except the base, the rest is totally flexible, so you can move in infinite positions to find the best for you.

– Caliper: instead of having a base, having a gripper which engages on one side of the table. Perfect if your table is small or do not have much space to put it as flexo.

Choosing a flexo – Wall: freedom of movement is lower, but is also very flexible. It is fixed to the wall but has a small accordion makes can stretch and move around to suit the desired position.

Choose well

Besides taking into account the type of support, which is the most important functional level, you must take into account other aspects, all they focused on aesthetics. As for color, choose one striking that stand out from the ones you have in the room, or if you prefer something more balanced, similar tones but always in a different place to give an original touch color.

The size is very important and should fully accommodate you need. One too large will take up much space, and one too small can not offer the services you want. An average size is ideal in most cases, and always also look at the size of the bulb, which is actually what most interests.


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