Check The Condition Of Chlorine In Your Pool

To have your swimming pool you can continually disinfected using chlorine tablets. You must apply the appropriate amount depending on the water containing the pool. Then follows the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to follow all the steps to get a perfect cleaning of your pool. It is also important to respect the steps recommends the product manufacturer debugging time and rest, time in which no one should use the pool, so that everything goes well.

As you see, check the condition of chlorine in your pool is simple but requires attention. At the slightest warning that something is not working measures and checks the levels so that everything is perfect. In short, the dangers of water disinfection can have them under control, but not the only one to consider. You should go with a thousand eyes especially if there are children. Your home insurance family assistance you can provide for accidents in the home. Find out about their advantages and spends quiet summer.

In summer everyone wants to enjoy a refreshing swim, but someone has to take care of the water is in perfect condition. Chlorine is a disinfectant key must be in the water, but in perspective, but we’ll teach you control your status in your pool.

What makes this element is basically prevent the spread of bacteria and other organic matter in the water. By putting chlorine in your pool a chemical reaction that produces hypochlorous acid responsible for disinfection occurs. It is essential to control the state of chlorine in your pool to make it to the extent applicable. Of the gauges of this substance you can extract various data.

On one side is the total chlorine, whereby the concentration of chlorine know whether acts as a disinfectant itself or is degraded. You will be most useful free chlorine, which measures the concentration of chlorine being really useful as a disinfectant. Finally the measured residual chlorine concentration of this substance is not acting as a disinfectant. You should pay attention to the latter two elements. Free chlorine must be present between 0.5 and 2 ppm (parts per million). On the other hand the residual chlorine must not exceed 0.2 ppm.


As I already wrote that the presence of the pool in a country house, it is both troublesome and positive pleasure. Many people think of it this way: the lawn under the open sky stretched blue lake. Very nice and seemingly unrealizable. However, the pools are very different. And even with a small summer house, you can please yourself a small pond.

Not just for kids is made inflatable pools. There are huge (compared with children), inflatable swimming pools for all family members. Just like their cousins ​​the capital they need to care for. But this pool is easy to disassemble and clean before leaving the city. This option is very suitable for non-heated summer house with a small area.

Holders of the capital of a country house where you can come in the winter, can afford a swimming pool inside. The size of the pool depends on the size of the room that is reserved for him. For this body of water also need to take care of, but it’s still easier than to take care of a swimming pool in the open air. Often, these pools are building with bath or sauna. And the pleasure you can get year-round, not just during the summer months.

To the pool did not have problems, you need to install quality equipment. It can be purchased in the company CBF-Strojservis stations located in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa and the Crimea Peninsula. In addition to the equipment the company offers filters and bowls ready for swimming. image source:

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