Ceramic Coatings For Home

The coatings are indispensable at home, as they give a particular aspect to the walls and also protect from cold, heat, water, steam, grease … One of the best options is to use ceramic tiles, both walls and floors, as they provide a very high resistance and facilitate the cleanup.

Today you can find a variety of ceramic coatings, all with many advantages and offer endless possibilities when decorating the walls and floors in any room. They are especially used in bathrooms and kitchens, but also can be achieved very good results in other areas of the house.

To consider

When you go to choose a ceramic coating you should consider several factors such as the space in which you’re going to place. Not the same use in high traffic areas like the hallway, entrance, bathroom or kitchen, as in other less steps (for soil), as the dining room or living room. You should also look out for that can be easily adapted to the stay, both decorative and construction.


– Gres porcelain: is recommended for outdoor floors, giving access to housing. Also for those who are exposed to water and other chemicals. It stands out for its strength and firmness main reasons why it ideal for outdoor use, especially if it rains.

– Conventional Stoneware is especially used indoors, and succeed tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. In the case of tiles have a glazed face, that is the one is visible, and are mainly rectangular and square. They come in numerous designs, both plain and printed, and there are many that allow decorate according to your tastes.


Analyzes well the space you have available before decantarte by a coating, taking into account its use and what you want to achieve with it. Often it seems great on paper but once come true, it is not as dreamed. In any store specializing find professionals willing to advise you to choose the one that really fits your needs.

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