Avoid Moisture In Closets

Moldy walls and clothing with an unpleasant smell are the two main consequences of having a poorly insulated closet. Avoid humidity in the cabinets is simple, if you detect the source of the problem.

To prevent moisture in closets, one must know the types of moisture that can be taken to detect what we are suffering and, most importantly, how to avoid appearing in our closets.

The humidity that arise in the home can have many causes. We may find a serious problem in building our home and have dampness in walls and inside cabinets. If so, we should call a professional for review, namely what is the cause and implement a solution.

In general, different types of moisture that may find are:

– Capillary: the porosity of the materials which have been applied in the construction of our housing. It causes the moisture to rise from underground.

– Leaks: lack of drainage or poor waterproofing. This case usually occurs when the wall is in contact with the outside.

– Condensation is a humidity of housing and focuses on the colder walls.

When any of these types of moisture is present in our home and affects wardrobes, especially, a number of measures to take to tackle the problem of moisture or at least minimize its consequences.

1. Properly insulate the walls of the closet. Line it inside with moisture painted paper and then apply one coat of sealer, is the most effective and practical way. There are transparent wallpaper or even imitating wood, ideal for aesthetics cabinets.

2. Ventilation. We need to open the cabinet doors every day a few minutes to air out. Occasionally it is good to clean the cabinet with soap and water and dry well with another cloth to prevent mold.

3. Prevention. It is advisable to put on the shelves and in the drawers bags of rice, chalk, charcoal or an empty coffee pot. Always being careful not to put it next to delicate clothing. You can also enter a aromatic leaves for the closet smell good and always pleasant. All these elements absorb moisture well, you just have to change from time to time to remain effective.

With a little tinkering, cleaning and basic prevention measures prevent moisture will get into the cabinets effectively. Also, keep your walls in perfect condition with the coverage of your home insurance MAPFRE, research now with one of our agents.

  • Types of humidity condensation and capillary filtration.
  • Home Remedies: bags of rice, chalk, charcoal, coffee pot or sawdust, aromatic leaves, etc.
  • Tip: ventilate the closet every day and clean it occasionally drying well.

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