As Stabbing Parquet

Normally when talking of slashing term parquet is encompasses two basic steps, sanding and varnishing. However, the whole process can take up to four steps, depending on the needs and condition of the soil.

In this article we will see the first, stabbing or sanding parquet, whose main objective is to remove the layer of varnish which has deteriorated or that the soil has imperfections and want to level it. If you want to see the rest click the enlaces.Acuchillar the parquet (which is discussed below) Repair parquet (optional) Stain the parquet (optional) varnish the parquet

as stab parquet Prepare the work area

First of all it is recommended you clear the area stabbed parquet, ie, furniture, carpets and decorative items hanging on the wall. When you have items you can not move, just tápalos with plastic, especially if they have many nooks where one can get the dust.

Note that all machines used for sanding not absorb 100% of dust, so I always have to clean particles then escape.

If the floor is nailed check it in case there was any point which could damage the cylinder sanding. To give it a couple of hammer to insert it into the parquet sobra.Herramientas used to stab parquet

To stab parquet you need to know first the machines that are commonly used, a professional must have all of them, however, if the work you do on your own and you want to save money, you can dispense with the rental of one of them.

If you rent the machines that are modern as it is more uniform sanding, they eat less wood and treat it better. Let's look: 1. Parquet stabbed machine or sander

Is with the main work is done, 95% of parquet is sanded with this machine, which is the largest, powerful (2000-4000 watts) and heavy (60 to 85 kilos).

parquet sanding machine

It works with an engine and moves on wheels. Usually it has two speeds, setting the cylinder pressure and change of sandpaper without tools.

It incorporates a pocket where it will stop all sanding dust and a separate belt that is placed on your waist and attaches to the machine to control it better. Dogfish you use can be continuous or tambor2 band. Sander banks

When you're spending the previous machine you will notice that there are places where you can not lend enough to stab parquet, talk about the banks and starters where not reach the big sander.

For this work the shores sander is a smaller and less powerful (2000 watts) than the previous machine, less allowance (about 14 kilos) is used. Also collects dust.

sander banks

Handle it carefully because it is small but is very strong, so grab it firmly even prevent you go over the account and damaged some furniture or rodapié.3. Orbital sander polishing

This tool is known by variety of names because of their versatility. It is normally used for sanding between coats, polishing between layers of varnish, sanding and recoating, distribution and polishing floor oil, and cleaning applications.

sander buffer

No need to use to slash parquet, so you can bypass it if you have to rent it. Of course, keep in mind that no machine replaces stabbed, so do not try to do the main work with ella.4. Grinder or radial

Where previous machines have failed will have to use a radio with the right accessory. They are hand tools with which you can do the fine work, but you must be careful if you do not want to touch the baseboard, doors and other fixed elements of the house.

This task creates a lot of dust since the radial not collected automatically, so stick to very pequeñas.Consejos areas to slash the parquet

Before seeing the process of slashing parquet and put you to work note these previous advice: slash machine has a lever that raises and lowers the sanding roller. Make sure before starting it up you are, otherwise you will make marks on the parquet.Cuando you put up the machine waits a few seconds until it reaches the maximum speed and the dust bag is filled with a working aire.Comienza long wall from left to right. Stand and roll down, touch the ground as sanding and you'll begin to walk slowly (if hardwood) or faster (if softwood) but always without stopping until they almost reach the wall to get contraria.Antes up to the cylinder wall, the machine moves backward and follows sanding. Slash the rest of the parquet moving forward and atrás.Lija for grain, common parquet floors sanded in the longitudinal direction of the timber, although it is recommended diagonally across the grain for improved leveling and avoid ondulamientos.Con Sander banks do rotational movements in the direction of clockwise. Let the machine work with its own weight.

Sanding parquet phases

Considering the above tips follow these steps to learn how to stab parquet begins with a coarse grit 36 ​​or 40 placed on the big machine, with this last get rid parquet varnish and imperfections spends madera.Después sander banks with the same grain sandpaper (36 or 40) and ends with the radial what sites inaccessible. In this first phase you have to be removed varnish suelo.Barre all the remains of the previous phase and sets an intermediate grit 80 on the big machine and follows the same process as in step 1. With this phase and get rid scratches anterior.La sand left by the last speed marks have to be a little higher than grain 36-40.Para end sweeps back the remains and put the finishing sanding with 120 grit on the big machine. The last rate will be higher than the previous phase and will not need to use the sander you finish orillas.Cuando have slashed the ground, if you pass your hand over the surface touch has to be fino.Ya is just vacuum the dust thoroughly to that may take the following steps: coating substances (optional) dye (optional) and varnish.

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