Air Conditioning Installation In The Neighboring Community

Installation of air conditioning in a neighboring community

Are you thinking of starting an air conditioning to cope with the sweltering temperatures? If you live in a block, you know all the requirements that are necessary for the installation of air conditioning in a neighboring community.

In some cities, air conditioning becomes a basic necessity to survive the high temperatures recorded in summer. At first glance, install a device of this nature does not involve too many problems, but things change when you live in a community of neighbors, since it is necessary to request certain permissions.

What the law says

Such cases are governed by art. 7.2 of the Condominium Act, under which anyone can use the front or other common items to install individual services and less when it may cause inconvenience to other members of the homeowners.

Except in cases where it is not necessary to drill in the walls, it is mandatory consensus with the rest of the homeowners, as long as this permit is no longer included in the statutes of the community.

What you should know

To confirm that you have free rein in the installation of air conditioning in a community of neighbors you should check with the administrator to check if the statutes that subject is reflected.

To avoid any subsequent misunderstandings and problems with neighbors, although the statutes the individual installation of such devices is allowed, you should talk to the president of the community to convene a meeting of neighbors where they can address the issue.

Once organized the neighborhood committee, in this will be voted (by simple majority) whether or not you can install the air conditioning, as well as agreeing other conditions regarding the installation, such as where to install, maximum level which may be air, air conditioning type, the allowable size, etc.

Once you’ve got the go-ahead by the community, all you have to avoid is that the air conditioner makes too much noise. So you can enjoy a nice summer and remember to have a lot more comfortable moments in your home, hire a home insurance that offers wide coverage to address many unforeseen.

In the event that the installation of air conditioning is not approved in a community of neighbors, you always have the option to consult an attorney and convene a new board to achieve your goal.

  • Regulation: we must resort to the Condominium Act and the statutes of the community.
  • Board: should be treated with all the neighbors to approve or alterations that may cause the installation of the device. The approval will be by simple majority.
  • It may be installed: when there is an issue.

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