5 Types Of Paints For Walls

Are you thinking about changing the color of the walls of your home? Given its large surface is an element that we must take into account. We teach you 5 types of wall paints.

To get a professional finish to paint the walls of your home is essential to make the best choice among all types of paintings in the world.

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What types of paint there?

– Temple or water paint: is one of the most common and affordable. It is characterized by being water soluble, it can not be washed and adheres very little.  

– Latex or acrylic paint: it also dissolves in water, but unlike the temple is washable and is of higher quality. This type of paint dries quickly and its qualities is perfect for application in interiors.

– Mildew Painting is composed of silicone, among other elements, and has fungicidal properties. Therefore, it provides high permeability and is used in wet areas.

– Synthetic paint: Commonly used in specific places like the kitchen or bathroom and is applied with a base paint to stick better. The duration of the synthetic paint is higher than the rest.

– Painting with texture: we can use it on surfaces with imperfections without resorting to gotelé. First the paint is applied regularly and subsequently is given texture with different tools.


We can also find on the market more specific types other than the above 5 types of wall paints:

– Based Painting is very economical and quick dry. It is often used to prepare and smooth the wall.

– Acoustic Painting: to dampen noise, especially on roofs.

The 5 types of paints for walls with the other are just a sample of what we can choose to decorate our walls. Go for the color you like and get to work!

  • Type: choose the one that best suits your needs for optimum results.
  • Best choice: in most cases is the latex paint has the best results due to its high quality.
  • Special cases: if you choose a specific paint your walls require more care, such as humidity, noise and textures.

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