5 Tips To Prepare For The Change Of Wardrobe

Farewell to scarves, flip flops. Hello to the dreaded wardrobe change for new season is here. However, with these 5 tips to prepare the change of wardrobe this season will be a quick and simple job.

When space is limited, it is usual that the cabinet or at least its most accessible parts, take advantage to have clothing that is used daily; while the other stations, stored in the upper parts of the closet or in the attic or other storage places. Is the most practical way to organize. El problem is that every change of season comes the job of keeping what no longer suits us and get the new season. In many cases, it is an arduous and heavy task, which steals time and in the end, almost always overwhelming. But need not be so, with these 5 tips to prepare the closet you can change this domestic obligation to take a relaxed manner.

1. Weather

Do not kid yourself, but depend on the volume of clothes, accessories and shoes have to move, and store, in general, this task takes time to get the right way. It is better than no rush assume and changing wardrobe, but what you plan ahead and choose a time when you have just enough time to devote to it. Thus, in the end, you dedicate yourself will save time because all your effort and interest in this activity, performing it in an effective and practical way.

2. Order

Do not start out seasonal clothes, you to empty a drawer partially, you get back to get something new … So only will you reach the end of a hodgepodge of clothes that have to classify, which will take longer, and will need more space. It is best to first empty the closet of everything you want to save, when you have all the available wardrobe and clothes that have to be folded up and ready, then and only then start draining have to be placed. When the new is in place, using the same boxes, bags and packaging for clothes of the season that just ended.

3. Cleaning and maintenance

Please take this time to change wardrobe and thoroughly clean both the cabinet effectively as storage containers and less accessible areas as porters or attics. Deep sucks all spaces can and then clean with a soapy solution and dried conscientiously. If necessary, it is time to replace a damaged handle, slip through drawers or hangers that are not in the best conditions. Remember also to place bags with herbs or air fresheners, if you prefer, and some moth remedy in storage spaces.

4. Labelling and organization

For change of wardrobe prove easier and faster each season, one key is knowing sorting clothes, shoes and accessories, and label it in a clear and practical way. Everything depends on the space that you count and where to go to store. But, as a general rule, remember to place the heavier, bulky things down, and always up the most delicate garments to suffer as little as possible. Of course, standing clear, legible and practical information (type of clothing, in the case of the age and number of children shoes, essential) out of boxes or bags posters.

5. What you should never save

It is difficult to advise key items that should not be saved by its usefulness and practicality at all times, since a lot depends on the person, the place where you live or where you go on vacation. However, the reality is that time does not usually change dramatically and forever, and although in some areas there is mild weather; in others, especially in coastal areas or mountains, if it is more usual. Therefore, the advice is to always leave some pieces of so-called halftime in a place accessible closet. Including: raincoats, jackets and jeans, clothing thread, cotton coats and sweatshirts, among others, to meet time-varying days in any season.

It is ensured that with these 5 tips to prepare the change of wardrobe, get the new season with much more tranquility, security and time to enjoy, as this task will cost you much less do it. Remember also inform you of the most comfortable and quick way, the complete coverage offered by the Home Insurance in every time and place.

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