5 Tips To Decorate Bedroom With Shabby Chic Style

Evoke times past, but with sophistication and is now possible if you follow these 5 tips to decorate your bedroom with style shabby chic. Forget minimalism and hit the search for ancient treasures.

Although you can apply the style shabby chic to decorate any room of your home, the truth is that it is especially suitable for bedrooms and intimate and very personal spaces. This new trend rescues last furniture and prints if you like objects antique shops or flea markets, now is your chance to show off your casa.

In these 5 tips to decorate your bedroom with shabby chic style, You have ensured the success in major details that make this style but must always seek your own interpretation of this trend of decoration to make it personal and unique.

1. Appliances

If you have the possibility of rescuing some antique furniture market or family house with history, do not hesitate, choose a headboard, a rocking chair and a coffee table or night, as basic to your shabby chic bedroom. To standardize and give them a basic cleaning, paint them white and of course not fix it any damage or details that mark the years they have, it is the essence that makes them unique. A detail? Change the shooters without any equals avoids uniformity and provide bright accents, colors, shapes and different materials.

2. Wood or forging

The headboard of the bed in a shabby chic room should be the center of the decoration and the main point of interest of stay. You can choose from forging or wood, but it should be an important style and size headboard. Do not avoid the most ornate and romantic, rounded or scrolls. It is also important that you input your personal touch with some type of decoration frame hanging like ribbons, hearts of felt or some motive of vintage style.

3. Walls

A shabby chic style room is a room with walls painted in pastel colors. The more current the dusty pink or green mint, but any pitch range pinks or peaches be suitable. As wall decoration choose advertising signs or old movies or some cover of a youth novel like Alice in Wonderland. You group them to form simple compositions. Do not forget the lamp for perfect shabby chic, you need a ceiling lamp chandelier forging style, no doubt.

4. Floor

Wood without modification, you need for your stay shabby chic wooden floors, the more authentic and natural best. Choose hardwood or imitations of it and the more vintage finishes, the current platforms are the best alternative because they offer different finishes and prices. The carpets also have a place to create this type of environment, should be floral patterns, stripes or checks with romantic and antique style. As a fashionable style, you will not have trouble finding appropriate carpets.

5. Decorative elements

A shabby chic room should convey feeling of warmth and sweetness, a town of romantic space details. The cushions are a perfect resource to create this environment, the bed in your bedroom should be filled with cushions of all shapes and sizes. Amazing the small flowers, pictures, the stripes and polka dots. Avoid smooth and prohibited animal print colors.

To complete the decoration old toys, dolls and stuffed animals complete a shabby chic atmosphere perfecto.Estos 5 tips to decorate your bedroom with shabby chic style will mark the exact way to enjoy this style so fashionable and current, remember that the important thing is evoke the past and focus on the details. To protect the style of your brand new bedroom, remember to have the sure the most complete and practical home, discover policies and always enjoy your house in perfect condition.

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