5 Keys To Take Advantage Of Your Loft

Size does not always subtracted opportunities in making living comfortable and an apartment. It’s about a little imagination and take advantage of the available space. Here are 5 key to get out of your loft:

The painting helps create stays

To differentiate the spaces of bedroom, living room and kitchen in a small loft can be very useful to use to paint the walls in different colors. You can choose white for the living area and pastel colors for sleeping space makes. The key is that all the colors you use are clear, that reflect light, because this gives more spaciousness. You can also choose different floors for different spaces.

Versatile and furniture storage

Try to use so you can stack chairs, folding tables and elements that will provide an extra storage such as canapes. You can also place as a trunk coffee table with smooth surface, this will be valid for storage. If your loft is very small you can choose to incorporate a sofa bed since there is very comfortable on the market or incorporate wheels to move the bed and make room for the day.

The decor as ally

Opt for the Nordic model: light colors on the walls to catch the light, few objects and minimalist decor. Do not charge the space with things you will not use. Of the 5 key to get out of your loft perhaps the most important is the placement of a good mirror on the wall above the couch for example. This will give the impression that the space is much higher.

Kitchen with extractor

If you’re going to use often enough that the kitchen should you consider placing a good hood to avoid the smell of food from spreading throughout the house. You can also help a panel or recycle an old window to build a separator element of the kitchen from the rest of the house.

Now is the time for you to develop these 5 key to get out of your loft and you adapt to your liking. But a small house also has great things to attend to. And there are also large appliances or pipes that can give you a major headache. So you have to be well secured. offers from useful basic coverage for theft, injury to others or property damage from fire or water leaks to care for yourself, for you to develop your ideas. It’s time to discover its benefits.

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