5 Ideas To Double Space On Your Minipiso

Do not waste time with regrets and put in place and these five ideas to double the space on your minipiso, discover that your home is not as small as you think and enjoy the benefits of a leveraged home.

These 5 Ideas to double the space on your minipiso are practical and simple to perform, require no major reforms or economic investment:

1. Use natural light to the maximum

There is nothing new that the more light, larger story seem even more warm and welcoming. If you want to double, at least visually meters of your home should make the most of natural light with which you count, you want, therefore, to know the keys to more light in your minipiso.

2. Commitment multifunction or convertible furniture

The space you have to take advantage, but always in a practical and orderly manner. The order is a basic key to gain space. When choosing furniture you need as simple as possible, stick to your real needs and leave ornamental design or out or reduced to a minimum furniture. Bet, instead of modular, multifunctional furniture and convertible.

3. Une spaces and functions of the rooms

You must not give up your needs and your tastes because your house is small. The trick is to know how to add functions in one place. For example, your bedroom can accommodate a small office or your kitchen incorporated in the dining room or living room.

4. Do not underestimate the use of the balcony or terrace

If you have an outdoor space, however small, you can seek a safe utility and not miss these meters. As storage space, your place for crafts or hobbies, to install the boiler and save space in the kitchen … There are many alternatives you’ll find with a little imagination and observation.

5. Create storage spaces

Luck is on your side and the market of interior design, furniture and DIY offer many clever storage spaces in the most incredible and unused solutions. For example, over the doors, under beds or in the highest parts of the cabinets or on them; the important thing is not to waste any dimension.

With these five ideas to double the space on your minipiso, you’ll get the most from your home and discover all its possibilities. Like leaving your contact information to for an agent you discover the best homeowners insurance for your minipiso.

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