2 Single Bedroom Apartment Designs Under 75 Square Meters With Floor Plans

If you want to renovated or choose apartment, there is some tips for you now. For the first time is bedroom. Yes, bedroom is the place that you have to choose the first time and you can follow this tips How to select great bedroom colors for 2 Single Bedroom Apartment.

Selection of a color scheme for a bedroom includes a number of options, including the existing features, style and personal preferences of the homeowner. In general, the rooms are considered sanctuaries – a quiet space to rest. The peace, however, is in the eyes of the Viewer. Soft blue of a person is a depressing statement to another. A cosy Moroccan sitting room is the height of luxury to one and a dark hole of your partner. The colors of a room should be selected according to the personality and style of each person’s life.


1 look at the existing components of the room and consider the colors that match or complement these features. For example, often lofts have brick walls and high ceilings. A warm beige or soft peach works well with terracotta bricks. On the other hand, a room in the attic may have small windows and a ceiling low. Light colors, such as a blue soft or pale yellow combined with white lace curtains give the bedroom a cosy feeling of vintage.

2 . Select a style of decoration. If you like shabby chic, French country, mid century modern, Moroccan or contemporary styles, each decoration has a color associated with the scheme. For example, unfortunate combination of white and pastel elegant features.

3 browse magazines and websites decoration to find patterns of color and attractive decor. Cut out pictures and bring them to the paint store to select paint colors.

4 . use a sample of color online, such as Valspar Ideas Library or Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer. Some web sites have the option to upload photos of the room, allowing you to change the colors of the walls. See ideas of color, among them, the colors and the light dark cozy, bright color combinations.

5 . go to the paint store and see the various brochures with color schemes suggested. Select paint particles in the colors that give a sense of peace. Buy several samples of paint in your favorite colors.

6 . paint color samples selected in the walls in square sections of 1 per 1 foot. Live with them for a few days, seeing how colors are seen at different times of the day and night. Once you have selected a color, buy the paint and paint the room.

7 . Select furniture and accessories such as rugs, lamps and shades that complement your color options.

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Single Bedroom Apartment Decorating with FireplaceLivingroom Design for Apartment Under 75 Square Meters With Floor PlansThis Apartment has 75 m2 on one floor and is distributed in kitchen, living room three bedrooms and two bathrooms one room with bathroom, dressing room. All units have large windows to take advantage of the excellent sea and mountain.Apartment Bedroom Design with Single Bed Under 75 Meter

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