10 Tips For Getting Everything From Balcony

That big or small space called the balcony, usually a still exploited in every home; however, with these 10 tips to take advantage of your balcony that does not happen at home.

The meters of a house are always few, and in the case of families with more than one member: lack of storage space, to enjoy hobbies … The balcony is a great resource if you are able to take advantage and capitalize all possibilities. Start searching your favorite use among these 10 tricks to take advantage of your balcony:

1. Shadow

The first thing you need, but it all depends on the hours of sun have on your balcony, is to isolate the best possible, in principle, at least the sun. Create shade with a canopy and curtains is vital to use the balcony and take advantage of this space.

2. Ideal for boiler or thermos

If the installation and the space will allow, the balcony is the ideal place to install the natural gas boiler or electric boiler place, you gain space in the kitchen or bathroom to take this element out. You should consult a professional, in addition to the legal safety regulations, to choose the right place and manner of installation.

3. Storage space

Cabinets, custom cabinets aluminum, special supports to hang bikes … think of your balcony as a new storage space, but always in an orderly, safe, and maintaining a certain aesthetic.

4. Place for tender

It is not always possible to hang outside, but a small balcony is the ideal place to install a clothesline; in the market there are many alternatives and measures to adapt to all spaces.

5. Small garden or urban garden

Small and modern kit to create your own garden not need a lot of space, only a little air and natural light. The balcony of your home is the perfect place if you want aficionarte to gardening and urban agriculture.

6. Space for hobbies

Painting, knitting or patchwork outdoors can be very relaxing, you just need to put on your balcony prepared a comfortable seat and exterior; if you feel like doing at night hours not forget to install a proper light.

7. Reading Corner

Your favorite book, a hammock or comfortable chair and enjoy a pleasant reading at sunset on the city from your balcony! If you like to read at night or first thing in the morning, especially in summer, autumn and spring, the balcony can become your ideal space.

8. An extra room

It is not always possible, and should consult with the homeowners and local regulations, but in many cases the balconies can be incorporated into the house and / or sealed with insulation glass and aluminum, and become a stay over your home .

9. Pets

Birds, cats, hamsters, turtles … there are a variety of animals can enjoy your balcony, you can conveniently install or put the balcony as a place to play, sunbathe … or just keep your food or place for the droppings, for example in the case of cats.

10. Recycling Center

Sorting waste is not an option, it is an obligation that requires extra space to properly organize waste; need a green cube, other yellow … the balcony gives you the space you were looking to build your domestic waste collection center classified.

These 10 tricks to take advantage of your balcony, show that this space should and can exploit according to their conditions and needs. Do not forget that as part of your home, use -elijas balcony that enjoys elijas- coverage of your homeowners insurance MAPFRE. Want to know what? We’ll tell you a call !!

How to leverage your balcony:
  • A variety of animals can enjoy your balcony.
  • Sorting waste is not an option, it is an obligation that requires extra space; use your balcony for this purpose.
  • Place a hammock and enjoy your favorite reading.
  • Coviértelo in gardens or urban garden.

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