10 Medicinal Plants That You Must Know

The most traditional medicine, which is inherited from father to son, receives natural remedies. If you fancy trying this type of alternative, these are the 10 herbs that you know for the most common complaints.

Nature is a major provider of health against diseases such as cold, poor digestion or a stressful situation, as demonstrated by this selection of 10 herbs you should know:

1. Calendula

Powerful painkiller against skin irritations, refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect makes it the main component of many creams and ointments. Ideal for squid burning and the heat caused, for example, an insect bite; or in the case of skin conditions.

2. Arnica

Injuries, muscle aches, bumps or bruises. This plant has soothing, refreshing and moisturizing properties. Creams and ointments, is perfect for treating dry and sensitive skin, even the smallest suffering from atopic skin, it is a natural and very effective remedy for skin moisturizing effectively and definitively the treated area.

3. Salvia

Probably the most potent natural anti-inflammatory, can be taken in tea or tablet is ideal, for example, to ease the pain of menstruation of women in a natural way without contraindications. It also helps to reduce sweating and crying or decrease the annoying symptoms of menopause.

4. Lemon Verbena

Another infusion perfect to take before going to bed to promote sleep, calm and avoid stress plant. It also promotes calm and undisturbed digestion, combat indigestion, even it is a good way to avoid bad breath.

5. Thyme

Besides cooking delicious dishes, thyme has interesting medicinal properties, which makes it perfect to also take after meals infusion that aids digestion and prevents the accumulation of gases in general, for a pleasant and undisturbed intake , even though the food has been especially heavy or indigestible.

6. Valerian

Quite popular for its soothing and flattering of rest and sleep capacity reparador- Valerian can be taken in tea or lozenges which can be bought in pharmacies or herbalists. Its use is widespread and results are aBalados by a lot of users who use its benefits.

7. Mint

Although it is a popular plant for use in cooking and to flavor cocktails, for example. Its medicinal and health properties are less well known. However, mint proves to be a very effective analgesic. Highly recommended and effective in the most severe head pains in the dreaded headache.

8. Manzanilla

Well known for its digestive properties and soothing stomach pains, chamomile is also a powerful disinfectant but extremely delicate, which makes it perfect for the care and cleaning of the eyes when, for example, suffer from allergies or colds, effectively calm itching and burning sensation, besides effectively disinfect the treated area.

9. Dandelion

Arthritis, rheumatism and generally all the diseases related to joints usually improve intake Dandelion prepared. It is a plant that can also directly eat the leaves in salads. Its diuretic benefits are also tested over the centuries.

10. Elder

The best relief for colds can be elder infusions, along with anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties, adds an interesting calming and soothing the throat making it ideal for cooling of the upper airways and who study pain in the area of ​​power throat.

They are only 10 and the list can be extended almost infinitely because many natural resources that exist with healthy and medicinal properties. In general, this type of treatment you can follow these 10 medicinal plants that must meet, usually effective with much perseverance, long term and in severe cases, combining with drugs whenever possible. Hire now your Health Insurance in one call and fuller consultation with the medical staff.

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