10 Ideas For Decorating Wedding In Spring

Wedding season begins, leading to an incredible expense, so today we are going to see different decorative details that may make you save you some cash. If you do not think you’ve married or already married, you can still use these decorative compositions for your home.


Lately they are very fashionable, as they give a springlike touch. Use old metal cage with a hook at the top to hang it on a tree branch. Fill the bottom of the cage with moss, to add texture and depth and then placed a pair of candles of different sizes in the center of the cage. Also, you can decorate the interior with sprigs of purple flowers.


This vase can use it to the corridors of the ceremony or the tables. You just need a glass jar and a bunch of dried lavender sprigs. Give a different touch by adding string around the neck of the bottle and a master key, a heart or any decorative element that you like, before tying the knot.

Birds on a branch

Tied with a strong rope a long branch on both sides from the ceiling or from a high place. It places the birds along the branch fastened with tweezers. To give light, hanging candles along the branch. This ornament inspired by the forest can be placed above the banquet tables.

Bright lights

Use bowls of different sizes (wine, champagne, …), putting them face down with a brightly colored flower inside (peonies, orchids, daisies, etc.). Based on the glasses, candles placed orange or yellow. As night falls, these elements will gain enlightenment. It is a very good idea for decorating outdoor weddings.

Vases of roses

Capture the beauty of flowers with this decorative composition. Giant vases used as a container for flowers. Fill the bottom of each jar with white pebbles and a layer of leaves and twigs. Inside, pastel roses introduces and ends with the scattering rose petals around the base of each vase.

Country candles

For this decoration, use a small wooden box and put in artificial grass. Place candles in a few cups and place them on the grass. To complete the composition, use a piece of board to indicate the number of the table.

Fruit centers

Use tall vases and put fresh apples to the top. Pour water in the vases to magnify fruits inside. At the top of each vase, placed hydrangeas and tie some string around each vase.

Floral Cube

This composition will decorate the hall of your ceremony. For this charming ornament, several small cubes filled with water and add a few clumps of moss inside to add depth and texture. Sprinkle colorful lotus flowers, orchids and daisies in the water to create a magnificent landscape. It ends with a floating candle in each cube and place them along the corridor.

Pink spring

It incorporates the breathtaking beauty of a cherry blossom to your wedding decorations. Start by placing branches of cherry blossom on a tall cylindrical vase. Tie a pink ribbon around the vase body to give a fine touch. Below the branches, cakes or sweets placed pink, to match the color of flowers.

Picnic table

Emulates the green with this table. Create a set of natural textures, glass candles and garlands of ivy. Use a table runner natural linen and candles scattered along it. It gives a touch of color winding ivy garland around the glasses and candles. Ends vintage decoration for weddings with some sprigs of fern among the candles.

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